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Content management systems (CMS)

We have developed our own tailored Content Management System (CMS) and do not implement projects using third party open source CMS products.

It's tried, tested and in place in all of our customer websites.

Having our own system gives us familiarity and allows us to ensure a customer can have any tailored functionality they want without technical limitations that an off the shelf product may bring.

Our content management solutions offer a number of commercial advantages to clients:

  • You can publish, edit, delete or reorganise unlimited website pages and website content via a secure area of your website.
  • Being web based software, staff can update their website content from anywhere they have internet access.
  • Staff need no specialist website design or development skills to use the software - it's 'technophobe proof'.
  • It's our own software, not a third party product, so if you need a new feature anything is possible.
  • There are no ongoing licence fees for using the software and unlimited users can use the software.
  • Once you pay the development fees you own the software.
  • The software is tailored to match your exact specification and the type of content you wish to publish
  • The software can be applied to any design.
  • The software has in-built features to help promote search engine visibility and rankings.
  • Big Room Internet can offer publishing support using your software if your own staff are too busy for any reason.