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Worcester, Bosch Group mobile

In typical pioneering fashion, Worcester, Bosch Group are the first in their sector to release a mobile version of their website. The website is appealing to installers and their partners who are reliant on mobile technology and need access to the website when away from the office.

Website features

Big Room Internet originally developed the Worcester main website with mobile in mind thereby 'future proofing' it. The mobile content is administered through the same system as the main website and Worcester have the option of selecting which areas they would like content to appear in. This gives them the option of whether a page is displayed on the mobile website or not or even creating specific mobile website pages.

All core applications from the Worcester, Bosch Group main website such as 'Find an installer' and 'Find a boiler' are present in mobile view. In addition installers are able to register guarantees.

Benefits to the customer

Our forward thinking for the desktop version of the website meant that there was no need for a complete new website saving time and money in its implementation. Worcester's installers and their partners have benefited by being provided with remote access to the website.