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Big Room Internet are proud to be an accredited supplier of ICT.

Gaining this unique standard requires a business to achieve excellence and prove its commitment to continually improving.

Big Room Internet is accredited with Accredit UK. Accredit UK Registration Number: NMEC/10/219

What does this mean for customers?

Accredit UK is the most thorough quality standard for the ICT industry. It is designed to prove a Supplier’s level of proficiency in their specialist field – giving confidence to Purchasers and opening new doors to Suppliers.

The Standard measures all of a business' activities in order to guarantee confidence for Purchasers.

Accredit UK measures the whole of a business’ people, processes and performance factors. It does this across the 5 Stages of a business’ operations:

Business Management – how well does a business manage itself and its personnel?

Business Direction – how well has a business planned its strategy?

Business Generation – how well does a business go about generating new custom?

Delivery & Operations – how well does a business carry out its activities?

Customer Relationships – how well does a business manage its customers?